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Oh Wow!!! Graphic Design

March 11, 2010

Questions Questions.  Ok, for a long time i wanted to become a comic book artists( i still want to become one) but with me becoming 36 and being a comic book artist looking dim i recently or a year and half ago went back to school to get into graphic design.  Anyway, i just have questions…if any designers would read this blog….about the graphic design career.  First, is graphic design a good career to get into?  Second, how much can i start out making or what’s the beginning salary?  Third, can i become a graphic designer anyplace or is there certain places i need to move to.  Fourth, what are some of the best books on graphic design?  So, i’m enjoying the classes and planning on going to a major university to further my studies.  Still, spider-man and batman is still on my mind but they are just taking a backseat now.