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House of the Devil

March 11, 2010

Ok, i saw this movie last week.  Only thing i can say is WOW!  Now, this movie came out last year but if i didn’t know that it came out in 2009, i would swear this was a lost movie from the early 80’s.  It had the look and feel of an early 80’s horror flick.  I exactly wouldn’t say horror in your typical slasher flick.  I would compare this movie to all of the satanic worshiping cult movies of the 80’s lol.  However, this movie got something that other horror movies of today lack and that is a good build-up.  We can feel the tension building up from scene to scene.  You know she’s in a f*ck up situation and the thing is that she doesn’t realize it and i like how the audience knows from the beginning that she’s in this situation.  The movie is very atmospheric and just creepy.  The performances are great and the movie left it wide open for a sequel that i would love to see.  Just a great movie.