American idol rant

March 12, 2010

Are you frakin kidding me. The american idol top 12 is the weakest in a long time. They just bore me. Now, they got rid of my girl lilly scott. Was she the best singer? No. However, she was very talented and was very comfortable on the stage. To me…she seems like a singer who was on another level and america got rid of her. I liked lambert and todrick(sure i got his name wrong) but all the wrong people got cut for less talented hacks. I believe a bunch of senior citizens are voting cause only they would like the singers in the top 12. Still, I’ll be rooting for big mike and crystal. Still, I’m very close to giving up on this show.


Oh Wow!!! Graphic Design

March 11, 2010

Questions Questions.  Ok, for a long time i wanted to become a comic book artists( i still want to become one) but with me becoming 36 and being a comic book artist looking dim i recently or a year and half ago went back to school to get into graphic design.  Anyway, i just have questions…if any designers would read this blog….about the graphic design career.  First, is graphic design a good career to get into?  Second, how much can i start out making or what’s the beginning salary?  Third, can i become a graphic designer anyplace or is there certain places i need to move to.  Fourth, what are some of the best books on graphic design?  So, i’m enjoying the classes and planning on going to a major university to further my studies.  Still, spider-man and batman is still on my mind but they are just taking a backseat now.

House of the Devil

March 11, 2010

Ok, i saw this movie last week.  Only thing i can say is WOW!  Now, this movie came out last year but if i didn’t know that it came out in 2009, i would swear this was a lost movie from the early 80’s.  It had the look and feel of an early 80’s horror flick.  I exactly wouldn’t say horror in your typical slasher flick.  I would compare this movie to all of the satanic worshiping cult movies of the 80’s lol.  However, this movie got something that other horror movies of today lack and that is a good build-up.  We can feel the tension building up from scene to scene.  You know she’s in a f*ck up situation and the thing is that she doesn’t realize it and i like how the audience knows from the beginning that she’s in this situation.  The movie is very atmospheric and just creepy.  The performances are great and the movie left it wide open for a sequel that i would love to see.  Just a great movie.

Old dog

March 11, 2010

So, is it true that the 40s is the new 30s and 30s is the new 20s? I guess i say this cause I’m 35 and close to being 40 but i do feel like I’m in my 20s. Heck, I’m back to going back to college. Didn’t like college the first time but I’m loving it this time. Or maybe i dislike my job and I’m more focus to do good in school so I can get a better job/career. Anyway, I’m just babbling. Oh yeah, alice in wonderland was a fun movie and it looked great on the imax. Also, visit for some great dog products. Peace

Hello world!

March 11, 2010

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